SmartLibrary© for Windows™
Library management software for Microsoft Windows™ OS
“Library management for the new millenium!”


Why SunpacPlus© Library Manager?

SunpacPlus© Library Manager is ideal for libraries that not only store books but also has a library of images to manage such as architectural drawings (dwg, cdx), engineering drawings, newspaper clippings, audio, video, X-ray DICOM images, etc.

Supports Dewey and Library of Congress coding formats

SunpacPlus© Library Manager Supports Dewey and Library of Congress (LOC)coding formats

Bar-coding functionalities

Users are able to print bar code labels to be pasted on books and media as well as member cards.

Able to manage multiple media

Able to manage multiple media types such as drawings images (JPG, PDF, GIF,BMP, TGA), CD-ROMs, sound, music, video, journals, magazines and attachments which comes together with books as well as useful Internet URL websites.

Scalable to larger libraries with back office accounting system

For larger library systems, SunpacPlus© Library Manager is able to interface with the separate SunpacPlus© Accounting and Purchasing modules to form a complete financial/purchasing system.

Flexible fine management

SunpacPlus© Library Manager also has a flexible fine management system that allows you to set different fines for different user groups. Fines can also be waived making the SunpacPlus© Library Manager suitable for company libraries or club / departmental libraries.

Image and Media Manager

You are able to store architectural drawings, engineering drawings, images,media clips, sound, audio and video and play them from SunpacPlus© Library Manager.

Lost books, lost cards & blacklisted members

You can record lost books, lost cards & blacklist members.

Store member reading preference

You can also store member reading preference such as favourite authors, subjects.

Book Rating

You can rate each book you borrow and read. A book popularity rating can be generated.

Charts and Graphs

View the most popular subjects, titles and authors as well as user groups by race, sex, etc. in the form of user-friendly charts.

Photocopy management

You can record pages requested for photocopying & charge user.

Monitor Usage & Audit Trail

With SunpacPlus© Library Manager, we keep an audit trail of who accesses your library system and what did they do. You can also monitor which media, book or images/drawings are the ones most borrowed and by whom.

Easy To Use User Interface

SunpacPlus© Library Manager user interface (UI) follows the Windows Explorer interface so you immediately become familiar with how to choose and run programs.

Abundant Help Features

SunpacPlus© Library Manager comes complete with Online Help, User Guide, its very own YouTube training videos and also updates from our website. We will give you the necessary training at your premises. Data importing/migration services are also provided optionally.

Extensive Technical Support

SunpacPlus© Library Manager has Online Help capability and comes with User Guide in both softcopy and hardcopy format. Remote support is also provided through TeamViewer Gmbh software.

Easy Search and Zoom-In

The easy Search and Zoom-In feature you get in SunpacPlus© Library Manager allows you to quickly locate books and other media in an instant with minimal waste of time and effort.

Accounting, payroll, HR, time attendance, library, POS and college/student information systems also available.

Computer Requirements

  • Pentium II or higher
  • 2GB RAM or higher
  • 10GB hard disk and larger
  • Mouse (recommended)
  • Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 or higher.

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