SmartClinic© for Windows™
Clinic management for Microsoft Windows™ OS
“GST READY - Clinic management for the new millenium!”


Why SmartClinic© ?

SmartClinic© is a Windows-based clinic software solution with a simple and relevant workflow:-

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    Modules include:-


    MYKAD Patient Registration

    SmartClinic© is able to register your patients with MYKAD.

    Easy To Use User Interface

    SmartClinic© user interface (UI) follows the Windows Explorer interface so you immediately become familiar with how to choose and run programs.

    Abundant Help Features

    SmartClinic© comes complete with Online Help, User Guide, its very own YouTube training videos and also updates from our website. We will give you the necessary training at your premises. Data importing/migration services are also provided optionally.

    Fully Integrated Modules

    The modular architecture of SmartClinic© allows you the convenience of adding supplementary modules at a later stage and buy what you critically need now. For example, you can buy the core clinic system modules first and later add the inventory and purchasing modules for purchasing of drugs and real-time stock (drugs) management.

    Extensive Technical Support

    SmartClinic© has Online Help capability and comes with User Guide in both softcopy and hardcopy format. We also provide accounting and bookkeeping services using SmartClinic© for those to busy to do accounts. Remote support is also provided through TeamViewer Gmbh software.

    Easy Search and Zoom-In

    The easy Search and Zoom-In feature you get in SmartClinic© allows you to quickly locate patients, invoices or past consultation sessions in an instant with minimal waste of time and effort.

    View DICOM X-Ray Images

    You can view DICOM compliant images such as X-rays and anatomical charts in SmartClinic©.

    Pharmacy & Stock Balance Mgmt

    SmartClinic© comes with complete drugs database so you or your staff do not have to keyin again. You only change the pricing for your clinic. Stock balance are updated realtime.

    Lock Consultation Notes

    SmartClinic© allows you to record Vital Signs such as Height, Weight, BMI, Blood Pressure, etc, and then record your Observation and Diagnosis (ICD10) and lock from edit. You can then prescribe your medication and treatment plan.

  • Video Queue System with Wait Time (Consultation/Dispensary)

    SmartClinic© comes with inbuilt Queue System with video which shows in how long each patient is waiting. Patient names are flashed and dingdonged when it is their turn

    Scribing & Transcribing

    Scribing is automatically enabled in SmartClinic© which allows you to scribe notes and medication with a stylus.

    Auto Paeds Dosage Calculator

    SmartClinic© comes inbuilt with an auto paeditrics dosage calculator for common child prescriptions!

    Panel Billing & Payment

    Panel Billing & Payment is easy in SmartClinic©. You can easily view consultations for each panel for online keyin at end of month.


    Able to manage your family members registered in same clinic for panel payments.


    Patient Management

  • Tracks wide range of patient demographical & medical parameters such as health details, body statistics (BMI, Height, Weight, uric acid, Systolic/Dystolic BP, platelets, haemoglobins, etc.)
  • Patient queue management with health video and bell alert
  • Appointment Scheduling (optional)
  • Capture details through MyKad
  • Patient-centric approach allows you to view medications administered, allergies, interactions, charts, etc.
  • Blacklist patients

    Clinical Consultation

  • Auto-generated Visit Numbers and Patient Time-in and Time-Out
  • Scribing and transcribing of data
  • ICD-10 diagnosis or free text, observation and ability to save various attachments as notes (eg. video, dictation, images, DICOM)

    Pharmacy (link to Inventory Module purchased separately)

  • Purchasing (PO) and receiving and invoicing (link to accounting)
  • Update stock balance on dispense
  • Storage condition, batch no, expiry date & KPSD number, poison type


  • Cash and panel patients
  • Clinic collection report
  • Panel Statement of A/c-accounting

    Reports (Panel. Poisons)

  • Consultations report
  • Drugs dispensed report
  • Poisons (Schedule 1, 3) report - must have Inventory Module purchased separately
  • Patient master, drugs master
  • and many more!

    Accounting, payroll, HR, time attendance, library and POS systems also available.

    Computer Requirements

  • Pentium II or higher
  • 2GB RAM or higher
  • 10GB hard disk and larger
  • Mouse (recommended)
  • Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 or higher.

    Enquiries? Pls call: 019-660-2336 (Ezani) or email:

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