SunpacPlus© Accounting for Windows™
GST-ready financials, inventory, projects & charts rolled into one
"Accounting with peace of mind!”


Why SunpacPlus Accounting ?

SunpacPlus© Accounting is GST-ready. It is not your ordinary Windows-based accounting system and is far more powerful and intelligent than you imagine. Here are some of the things that SunpacPlus© Accounting can do for you :-

  • GST-Ready with Tax Invoice, exempt, zero-rate & standard-rated calculations (6%)

  • Automatically posts provisionary journals AHEAD of time so that you are able to predict your future cash flow. This allows effective budgeting and cost control.

  • Able to prepare your Statement of Financial Position and Statement of Comprehensive Income complete with Notes to the Accounts

  • Able to display comprehensive Accounting Charts that is able to show the comprehensive financial state of your company such as cash movements, debtors & creditors ageing, current assets/liabilities, etc.

  • Able to select the lowest priced suppliers when you are ordering stocks

  • Able to display supplier price variations for the same stock item with time

  • Automatically increases and decreases stock quantities-in-hand when you receive and deliver stock

  • Comes with the Accountants Diary to keep track of your accounting key tasks

    SunpacPlus© Accounting comes with the following integratable modules (can be added or removed) :-

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Cash Book
  • Barcode capable
  • Project Costing
  • Inventory/Stock/Material Mgmt
  • Purchasing/Requisition
  • Sales Order Processing

    Security You Can Rely On

    SunpacPlus© Accounting is also password-protected. Accounting data is automatically backed up when you exit so your data is safe. Program will automatically shut down the PC upon repeated incorrect logins. Audit trails are kept.

    Easy To Use User Interface

    SunpacPlus© Accounting user interface (UI) follows the Windows Explorer interface so you immediately become familiar with how to choose and run programs.

    Abundant Help Features

    SunpacPlus© Accounting comes complete with Online Help, User Guide, SunpacPlus’s very own YouTube training videos and also updates from our website. We will give you the necessary training at your premises. Accounting / bookkeeping services are also provided optionally.

    Fully Integrated Modules

    The modular architecture of SunpacPlus© Accounting allows you the convenience of adding supplementary modules at a later stage and buy what you critically need now. For example, you can buy the core accounting modules first and later add the inventory and purchasing modules.

    Extensive Technical Support

    SunpacPlus© Accounting has Online Help capability and comes with User Guide in both softcopy and hardcopy format. We also provide accounting and bookkeeping services using SunpacPlus© Accounting for those to busy to do accounts. Remote support is also provided through TeamViewer Gmbh software.

  • Easy Search and Zoom-In

    The easy Search and Zoom-In feature you get in SunpacPlus© Accounting allows you to quickly locate the journal or invoice or purchase order you want in an instant with minimal waste of time and effort.


    General Ledger

  • Multicurrency journal postings
  • Budget enabled – compare variances of actual results
  • View account performance in colourful chart forms
  • Drilldown from summary balances to account ledgers and actual journal entries
  • Wide range of reports including profit and loss, balance sheet, trial balance, extended TB, general ledger and jounals listing.

    Account Receivables

  • Prepare quotations
  • Convert quotes to bills
  • Invoice collection history
  • G/L link to General Ledger
  • Limit transaction for non-active or blacklisted customers
  • Warns when credit limit exceeded
  • Wide range of reports including ageing, credit exceeded, outstanding bills, and many others.
  • Keeps track of due bills based on credit terms given and allows cashflow forecasts
  • Print sales invoices with barcode for easy collections processing later on (just scan the invoice data, no need to keyin)

    Account Payables

  • Warns when credit limit exceeded
  • Wide range of reports including ageing, credit exceeded, , purchases, outstanding bills, and many others.
  • Keeps track of due bills based on credit terms given and allows cashflow forecasts

    Cash Book

  • Allows for single or multiple payments on a single cheque
  • Fully integrates with G/L, A/R, A/P and other modules
  • Easy tick and reconcile bank reconciliation

    Project Costing

  • View project profit and loss by completion and progress billing
  • Suitable for projects-based and service industry
  • Keeps track of project cost and expenses

    Inventory & Purchasing

  • Includes requisition, supplier evaluation, purchase order, goods receiving and material issues / DOs by project ID
  • Auto-convert purchase requisition to orders
  • Auto-convert DOs to sales invoice
  • Unlimited unit cost and unit price specific to suppliers and customers
  • Mode of delivery and delivery location information
  • Barcode-enabled
  • Able to optionally print POs with barcode for easy payment processing later on (just scan the PO data, no need to keyin)

    Sales Order Processing

  • Handles customer order requests as one single sales order
  • Automatic delivery order conversions to sales invoice
  • Links to other SunpacPlus© modules

    Payroll, HR, library, POS and clinic systems also available.

    Accounting / bookkeeping services through the use of SunpacPlus Accounting is also provided

    Computer Requirements

  • Pentium II or higher
  • 2GB RAM or higher
  • 10GB hard disk and larger
  • Mouse (recommended)
  • Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 or higher.

    Enquiries? Pls call: 019-660-2336 (Ezani) or email:

    View SunpacPlus videos on SunpacPlus Channel on YouTube here!